WhereArtI 046

The first #WhereArtI of the new year and with it a brand new leaderboard to fill – you could be top of the list if you can tell me where in Edinburgh I’ve been sketching this week. Just tell me the name of the building above, there are three points for the first correct answer, two for second and one for third. Good luck, and all the best for 2013, oh and a very warm welcome to all the Scotsman readers who join us for our wee sketch quiz on the first Monday of every month.


Remember to include the hashtag #wherearti with your answers either below, on facebook or twitter and also to keep an eye on the ES facebook page and twitter for clues throughout the day.


Answers to come by this time tomorrow, and although for now the quiz is just for fun the first three correct answers will get a mention plus a link from my site for anyone who makes it onto the WhereArtI leaderboard.


For the time being WhereArtI? is just for fun, but if you would like your business to appear in the sketch, sponsor the quiz or supply a prize then please get in touch.

One thought on “WhereArtI 046”

  1. Thanks for all the answers today for this week’s WhereArtI, the first of 2013. The correct answer is Mimi’s Bakehouse, 63 Shore in Leith. A family run business baking yummy goodies and building a strong following both in their cafe and online, click HERE for more info. The building was previously home to Antonio’s restaurant, which many of you gave as your answer and is actually still seen on the google street view of the Shore.

    There is a brand new leader board this week after @Grant__ became 2012 WhereArtI Champion last week. Today’s points go to the first three correct answers, which came from Mhari McLeod (3pts); @nadyasmusings (2pts); @Chai_Lounge (1pt)

    Everyone else, thanks for playing and better luck next week 😉

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