3-in-1 for foodies

This is Earthy Canonmills, a food store, a deli and a restaurant located on the bridge at Canonmills, Edinburgh.

I regularly walk, cycle or bus past this building and it is always busy, step inside and you can tell why. Jam packed with fresh locally sourced seasonal foods the shop and deli just scream goodness and healthy living. I have yet to visit the restaurant but I’ve heard great things, and to be honest they’d be something wrong if it wasn’t so with all those delicious ingredients in store.

Visit their website HERE for more information.

The sketch is in black fineliner with a water colour wash added over the top. Here is a close up:

2 thoughts on “3-in-1 for foodies”

  1. That is a pity – especially a wee dog like Fergus, what harm could he do?!
    That get’s me thinking though – I wonder if twins are allowed! Earthy, do you have more than one highchair?

  2. I love Earthy3 and had a delicious dinner there and an awesome slice of rhubarb and custard cake. It’s only downside is that no
    dogs are allowed in. Such a pity.

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