Autumn in Granton

A walk along the streets of Granton today, on the North side of Edinburgh. I had to stop and capture this beautiful carpet of colour in front of me. The autumn leaves are covering most of the pavements in the city just now and it makes for a wonderful, if sometimes slippy walk into town.

3 thoughts on “Autumn in Granton”

  1. Hi Frances, thanks for your coment. I love the fact my sketches can mean different things to different people, and yes this sketch and all my sketches are available as prints.
    Prices start at £12 for a standard A4 print on 300gsm card. For a near perfect high quality giclee print, which is hard to tell from the original the cost is £24. Or you could purchase the original for £48, which is closer to A5 size. For a frame also add £15. Email me at to discuss further.

  2. Hello there. Is this going to be available to buy shortly? My husband lived in Boswall Drive and from the perspective of this sketch I rather think you’ve stopped outside the house he was brought up in. Both his parents are dead – his Dad in 2007 and his Mum in 2009 and I would love to give him a framed copy of this for his birthday in December. it’s lovely.

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