Autumn colours

Posted on Oct 14, 2012

The Sketcher family had a great afternoon playing in the leaves at the Botanics yesterday. The twins are toddling around now and were loving running through the leaves and rolling about. So good there’s a dog free place to play for them, safe they aren’t going to roll in any muck.
We brought some of the leaves back and they made collages for Granny.
We got the leaves out again this morning, now dried out and crispy – and a lot messier to play with!

Black fineliner sketch with a watercolour wash. Available to buy as an original or one of 100 numbered prints.


  1. ES
    15th October 2012

    Thanks Mariota, and yes I agree the colours are amazing out there!

  2. Mariota
    15th October 2012

    Loving the leaves this year – best colours in ages!

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