Leaves in water

A busy day in the office today and it was great to get outside in the fresh air for an hour at lunch. Even better to use the time sketching. I sat outside the Sottish Parliament by the water pools and drew these Autumn leaves floating on the surface. It was a challenge to capture the difference between the leaves on the surfacse and those that had sunk to the bottom. How do you reckon I did?

Below is a photo I took on location to give you some scale of my sketches, all of which are available to buy as limited prints (from £12) or as the original (from £48). Email me HERE for more details.

2 thoughts on “Leaves in water”

  1. Thanks Mariota, yes the colours are beautiful this year. It’s my favourite time of year, especially in Edinburgh. I was at the Botanics today, amazing range of colours, well worth a visit just now.

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