WhereArtI #033

Welcome to another brand new week, and with it a spanking new WhereArtI quiz for you to ponder on the way in to the office. Take a look at my sketch and if you can, tell me where I was when I scibbled it down.

Clues to come for those who need them, keep checking on facebook and twitter. Remember to include the hashtag #wherearti with your answers either below, on facebook or twitter and also to keep an eye on the ES facebook page for clues throughout the day. Answers to come by this time tomorrow, and although for now the quiz is just for fun the first three correct answers will get a mention plus a link from my site if they make it onto the WhereArtI leaderboard.

For the time being WhereArtI? is just for fun, but if you would like your business to appear in the sketch, sponsor the quiz or supply a prize then please get in touch.

Good luck!

3 thoughts on “WhereArtI #033”

  1. Thanks Mariota for the comment, I agree it would be educational to have a guided tour. I’ll be sure to pass on your comments to the Lothian and Borders Fire Service.

  2. Thanks for the info – I walk past this several times a week, and always assumed it was for training firefighters. Love the structure – and the randomness of having a ship and an oilrig in the middle of the city! They sometimes have open days there – it’s fun (especially for kids) to go and have a look around.

  3. Well done everyone who got today’s #WhereArtI quiz correct, it is in fact the Scottish International Fire Training Centre, but I’ll accept the McDonald road Fire Station which is just to the right.

    I presumed the centre was a fire fighter training centre but they actually train staff from the commercial and private sectors in fire safety, fire marshal and fire risk management. Including members of the merchant navy, which is where I imagine the mock ship comes in.

    For more information on the centre visit their website HERE. And follow Lothian and Borders Fire and Rescue Service on twitter @LBFire

    The first three correct answers were @talkporty (3pts) @wilfulblindness (2pts) and @sarahcrawford77 (1pt) Well done you three and everyone else; better luck next week!

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