Gottle o’gluten free geer

Saturday night and I think I’ll pick up a few beers for tonight. So glad I found a place selling gluten free beer recently, as I’d missed it loads since becoming diagnosed ceoliac three years ago. Unable to digest wheat or barley meant beer was definitely a no no.

It’s called Estrella Damm Duara, and still the only place I’ve been able to find it is Asda. So please tell me if you see gluten free beer on sale anywhere else in the city.





















7 thoughts on “Gottle o’gluten free geer”

  1. Tesco and sainsburys sell daura beer im not ceolic but I drink this much better than ordinary beer or lager best gluten free beer ever

  2. Very old post, but just in case you’re still reading, Tesco sometimes carry the Hambleton Ales GFL lager, it is bloomin lovely- reminds me of draught San Miguel, a bit. I had no idea how much I’d missed beer til it touched my tongue! MMMMMM beer.

  3. Hi Louis, Thanks for the comment. That’s a great shout, I wasn’t aware of the Green’s gluten-free beers at Sainsbury’s but I’ll definitely be checking them out. I agree Estrella is expensive compared to other beers on the supermarket shelves, but I like it. Thanks for the advice. Hmmm… wonder if I could go home via Sainsbury’s…

  4. Speaking as a fellow coeliac, I’ve tried Estrella Damm Daura and have to admit I didn’t enjoy it enough to warrant its price. Sadly it seems to be the most widely-sold gluten-free beer around, too. However, if you can make it to the Sainsbury’s at Cameron Toll, they sell two varieties of Green’s gluten-free beers, which I *love*. It’s only a shame that Sainsbury’s hasn’t made them available for delivery orders…

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