A RealFoods day

On a day like to today you need some high energy food and where better than RealFoods to get your fill of vegetables, fruits, nuts and various superfoods. They are great for specific diets like mine too, selling lots of gluten free yummyness.

This shop on Broughton Street is one of two in Edinburgh, the other is on Brougham Street, near Lothian Road. On my way home the one I sketched above is always a colourful site because of the lovely vegetation and rows of fruit and veg outside.

Head along today and fill up on all those superfoods, looking at the weather forecast I think we are going to need all the energy we can get!

For the RealFoods website click HERE

6 thoughts on “A RealFoods day”

  1. Yup, I’ve had my bike chained on those railing a few times (it’s not my bike in the drawing). A quick shop there, and then a pint or two at Cloisters along the road. Maybe they’ll start to stock gluten free beer if you ask them…

  2. Thought at first it could have been my bike, but it’s a ladies frame, and I wasn’t working on 25th anyway.
    Great sketch!

  3. Thanks, I’ve just seen a picture of your doogie via facebook – he’s gorgeous! Sorry I missed him, however I do do pet commissions 🙂 See my portraits section, there is some very cute jack russels in there.

  4. Love the detail of the bike – there’s always a bike locked up on those railings. Look out for my wee white dog Fergus – he’s quite often outside, too 🙂

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