Trip to the Zoo

The sketcher family were at the Zoo yesterday, a lovely sunny day and the twins first visit to Edinburgh’s famous animal attraction. Believe it or not they actually slept through the stars of the show – the (not so) Giant Pandas Tian Tian, the female and Yang Guang, the male. They were lovely and looked so cuddly. And although sleepy and not up to much, our guide was very animated and full of facts for us to tell the children later.

The kids did see plenty of other amazing animals – the meerkats were popular, but favourite by far were the monkeys and chimpanzees, both James and Zoe were up at the glass chatting away to them.

We’ll definitely be back soon. For more information on the zoo, click HERE.

The sketch is in pencil, I’ve included a close up of Tian Tian so you can see some of the pencil strokes more clearly.

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