WhereArtI #0018

One of things I love about Edinburgh is the ever changing look of out high streets, the wee shops that spring up and perhaps sadly disappear all too quick. Which means whenever I travel along Leith Walk/Morningside/Stockbridge/etc I’m always noticing new shop, restaurant or cafe fronts with signs saying ‘opening soon’.
This shop is undergoing a transformation, I think from a hairdressers into a bakery or cafe. Can you tell me where it is situated?
As ever tag your answers with #wherearti and look out for clues if needed on facebook and twitter later. Good luck Edinburgers!

2 thoughts on “WhereArtI #0018”

  1. Well done Nicster, you are correct. Although a little too late for the leaderboard, this weeks top answers come from @Grant___ (3pts) @HulaJuiceBar (2pts) and @lewisbilsland (1pt). Well done folks, more on Monday #wherearti

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