A stunning view

Posted on May 18, 2012

It’s hard to believe on a day like today but last week the sun did shine, and we had glorious blue skies above the Firth of Forth.

This is the beautiful view of the Forth Rail Bridge from South Queensferry, a favourite place of ours for a walk along the shore and only 10 minutes away from Edinburgh in the car. And the bridge looks even more splendid since the scaffolding (which was a permanent feature due to constant painting) has come down.

A few facts and figures for you; the overall length of the cantilever bridge is 8296ft, or just over 2.5km and the towers reach 330ft into the blue sky, or 100 metres. Follow this link for more: http://www.forthbridges.org.uk/railbridgefacts.htm

The sketch is black ink with a light watercolour wash over the top.


  1. ES
    21st May 2012

    Hi Eddie, thanks for your comments. I’ll be sure to look him up, I’m glad you like my sketches too.

  2. Eddie Truman
    21st May 2012

    Absolutely wonderful. I love all your sketches and there has always been something tapping me on he shoulder.
    A wee bit back story. I grew up in a house in which there was no television. On ideological grounds. Sounds crazy but that’s what happened to the kids of Cambridge 1960’s graduates. So I consumed books, hundreds, thousands of them.
    And several of those had illustrations by Edward Ardizzone.
    That’s what all your sketches have in one degree or another.
    In my opinion.
    All the best, Eddie

  3. ES
    18th May 2012

    Thanks Louise, I’d missed that. It’s a lovely monument too, to remember the 73 men who died building or maintaining the bridge throughout it’s 129 year history.

  4. Louise Scott
    18th May 2012

    Lovely sketch and very appropriate to post today when the it was announced that ‘Memorials to workers who died building the world famous Forth Bridge are set to be unveiled.’

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