Peter & Paula find love

Posted on Apr 23, 2012

Another instalment of Peter & Paula from my time sketching at the Western hospital. I like these characters and hope to continue their little adventures, I think they would look great in a weekly magazine or paper. Get in touch if you have such a space needing filled.
My wife did suggest I should name one Pauly (poorly) as I was ill when I first drew them!


  1. ES
    30th April 2012

    I know, they must be good ones man!

  2. John Kaewsuksai
    27th April 2012

    what kind of drugs are they giving you Mark? 😉

  3. Eddie Truman
    23rd April 2012

    They’re great mister, really good. Agree wi Graham above, best wishes on the getting better front.

  4. Graham Hamilton
    23rd April 2012

    Hey Mark,

    Superb! Creativity can shine in the darkest places, keep it up fella; hope you’re feeling better.

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