Where Art I ? #009

Posted on Feb 13, 2012

Morning sketch detectives, a slightly harder one (I hope 🙂 ) this week. Have a look at the sketch to the left and tell me where it is.

A beautiful shop front this one, with an intricate stainglass window in the top panel and beautiful metal work on display.

I have left off the name from the top panel as that would surely make it a very quick quiz! So as usual, remember to check in at the ES facebook page for clues though out the day.

Include hashtag #wherearti with your answers either below, on facebook or twitter.

Answers to come by the end of the day, and please forward this on, the more who play the better. Good luck 🙂


Well done to all those who took part, here is the sketch with the name of the shop:

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  1. ES
    13th February 2012

    Well done to all those who gave the correct answer to todays WhereArtI? sketch quiz, the shop is The Meadows Lamp Gallery on Warrender Park Road, Edinburgh.

    Just off Marchmont Road and around the corner from the Meadows park, this lovely shop specialises in genuine antique lighting, showcasing premium lights from the Art Nouveau and Arts & Crafts movements.

    Thanks to David Rintoul – @MisterTollcross for adding that previously the shop was the Meadows Dairy. It’s great to know a little of the history of our beautiful buildings.

    So the first three correct answers today were, from first to third: Mr Inch Jack Russell (@MrInch), David Rintoul (@MisterTollcross) and Stefan Sagrott on facebook.

    Another WhereArtI? sketch next week.

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