Where Art I? #008

Another puzzler for you to test your Edinburgh architecture knowledge, this week I discovered these impressive swirls of masonry, but can you tell me where they are, and have been for almost 200 years?

Good luck and remember to check in at the ES facebook page for clues though out the day.

Include hashtag #wherearti with your answers either below, on facebook or twitter.

Answers to come by the end of the day and hopefully this week I will get that WhereArt!? leaderboard setup.

The drawing is in black ink, using a staedtler triplus fineliner, with pencil shading (HB) over the top,  to highlight the building.

3 thoughts on “Where Art I? #008”

  1. Well done Martin, and all the correct guessers on twiter and facebook. It is of course the entrance to St Stephen’s Church at the bottom of St Vincent street and Howe Street near Stockbridge. I passed the Church whilst walking home the other day. Built in 1828 the church was designed by the architect William Henry Playfair, whose other works include the National Monument and the National Gallery of Scotland.

    Top three correct answers this morning went to @elfahy on twitter, Chdot on here and @MrInch on twitter. Leaderboard coming soon.

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