Rain in the city

Morning sketch fans, more rain showers forecast for today across the city so I thought I’d draw a photo I took from the bus a couple of weeks ago when a monsoon like downpour hit Edinburgh. Here we are at the top of Leith Street turning onto Princes Street, before heading left on to the North Bridge.

Have fun dodging the showers today 😉

Anyone know who the statue of the horse and rider is for…?

2 thoughts on “Rain in the city”

  1. Well done Neil, very good, if there was a prize you would win it! I didn’t know the bit about the horse, Copenhagen. It’s great to learn more about something you pass every day.

  2. The statue is for the Duke of Wellington, victor over the French at the Battle of Waterloo in 1816, was erected in 1852. The horse is Copenhagen, a favourite of the Duke’s – a superb battle horse that was unflinched by gunfire. He was ridden by the Duke throughout the whole Battle of Waterloo. Later he was retired to the Duke’s estate of Stratfield Saye where he died aged 29 in 1836 and was buried with full military honours (source: http://www.welcometoscotland.com/things-to-do/attractions/historic-attractions/edinburgh/duke-of-wellington-statue).

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