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  • Apex sketching to celebrate

    Apex sketching to celebrate

    A couple of watercolour paintings to mark the Apex chain of hotels becoming 25 years old. From 1996 to 2021 the Apex hotels group have grown to 10 hotels around the UK, from the Grassmarket in Edinburgh to their latest with in the city of Bath. To mark the achievement I was asked to draw … Continue reading Apex sketching to celebrate →
  • Our lovely cat Mocha

    Our lovely cat Mocha

    As holidays come to a close and we head back to our routines Mocha will welcome the peace. Today the kids went back to school and Joanne and I got back in to our busy routines, and Mocha, our elderly indoor tortie cat seemed to take a large sigh of relief. Last night she looked … Continue reading Our lovely cat Mocha →
  • A beacon of light

    A beacon of light

    As the new year starts I feel a certain de ja vu with vaccinations being offered around the country as the new variation of Covid continues to spread. Thanks must be given to NHS workers once again as they continue to man the clinics, pop up centres and drive through vaccination locations. I was in … Continue reading A beacon of light →
  • Christmas creations

    Christmas creations

    Enjoying some well needed family relaxation this week after a busy December. The weeks leading up to the 25th were very busy for me with commissions, deliveries and keeping my wonderful retailers fully stocked. And although I am very grateful to be so busy I am now extremely thankful for my down time with my … Continue reading Christmas creations →
  • Winters Sun over Arthurs Seat

    Winters Sun over Arthurs Seat

    I do love the low lying sun at this time of year, for the shiny sandstone and the long shadows, and also the silhouetted buildings which I spotted on my morning drive this week. This view is looking across Ferry Road from Newhaven Road. Looking towards the city and Holyrood Park in the distance. I … Continue reading Winters Sun over Arthurs Seat →

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