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  • Drawing the Gardens

    Drawing the Gardens

    The stunning Rock Garden at the Royal Botanical Gardens Edinburgh, I am lucky to have this place in walking distance from my home. This weekend my wife and I had the house to ourselves as our kids, now 10 years old went to their Aunties for a couple of days. We spent Sunday walking around … Continue reading Drawing the Gardens →
  • Sun, flowers and shadows

    Sun, flowers and shadows

    As the sun shone and the temperatures soared in Edinburgh I found my happy place drawing in my garden. The morning was so hot yesterday and as you never know how long the summer will last in Edinburgh it is important to enjoy it while you can. Last week I took a day off to … Continue reading Sun, flowers and shadows →
  • Stormy clouds Over Granton Breakwater

    Stormy clouds Over Granton Breakwater

    Threatening skies over Wardie Bay yesterday afternoon. I don’t think the wet weather is done just yet. Amazing downpours in Edinburgh the last few days with devastating results for many businesses and homes being flooded, so I do hope you are all doing well. Last night the waters were calm along the Granton breakwater when … Continue reading Stormy clouds Over Granton Breakwater →
  • A trip to London

    A trip to London

    Last week the Sketcher Clan took a trip around the UK, including a day in London. We drove down through the UK stopping off to see friends and family with the destination of Legoland and a day in London. With so much packed in the 10 days are now a blur of fun and family … Continue reading A trip to London →
  • construction taking shape

    construction taking shape

    A look up into the new shopping and hotel complex where once stood the St James Shopping Centre. The top of Leith walk is awash with brightly coloured construction workers as the huge rebuilding of the St James shopping centre and hotel into the new St James Quarter, which is due to open later this … Continue reading construction taking shape →

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