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  • Teatime trip to the seaside

    Teatime trip to the seaside

    Last night the Sketcher family took a trip to the beach by the bridges, ate fish and chips and enjoyed the epic views. I had to hand over some artwork to a client coming from Perth so South Queensferry seemed a great place to meet. My family and I headed there with a plan of … Continue reading Teatime trip to the seaside →
  • Scottish Artists Celebrated

    Scottish Artists Celebrated

    Today a new exhibition opens at the City Art Centre featuring work by the Glasgow Boys and the Scottish Colourists amongst many others. ‘National Treasure: The Scottish Modern Arts Association’ reveals the story of this a unique collection, and the artists represented in it. Founded in Edinburgh in 1907, the association was established by artists … Continue reading Scottish Artists Celebrated →
  • My Happy Place

    My Happy Place

    During the lockdown my wife and I spent a lot of time working in our garden and now we are enjoying the fruits, and more, of our labour. This really is the best time to be out in the garden, just as new shapes and colours are exploding from all the nooks and crannies. I … Continue reading My Happy Place →
  • Sunshine on Ratcliffe Terrace

    Sunshine on Ratcliffe Terrace

    A caffeine fuelled sketch of a sunny corner in the Southside of Edinburgh. This morning I enjoyed a flat white and a sketch in the sun as spring is certainly, beginning, almost here although when the sun went behind the clouds it felt like autumn! So good to be out sketching on the streets again … Continue reading Sunshine on Ratcliffe Terrace →
  • Wood sketching

    Wood sketching

    I have a new favourite hobby, after an afternoon sanding and burn-sketching this slice of sycamore. I am practicing for a bigger project coming later this month and trying to get used to making marks with the burner. As I say in the workshops; the more marks you can make the more textures you will … Continue reading Wood sketching →

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