Just too good..

Posted on Nov 27, 2012

Damn you Bustracker app with your incredibly helpful and timesaving ways… now I have no time to sketch my local bus stop… 😉 @on_lothianbuses

Steamy windows

Posted on Nov 15, 2012

The windows are all steamed up with condensation so I have to wipe a space clear to see just how rainy and damp it really is out there.

Bus and bargain

Posted on Sep 19, 2012

Instead or rather as well as, I drew the ticket, which today has the added offer of £3 off…

big feardy

Posted on Sep 14, 2012

It was a bit windy today, and still is by the looks of it so I left the two wheeler under the stairs and headed to work via the number 8 bus.

Street furnishings #1

Posted on Jul 25, 2012

I like the lights underneath, all the intricate lines that go to make up the object.

Hearts celebrate

Posted on May 23, 2012

I thought I should mark the achievement by one of our teams with a sketch.

Ticket to ride

Posted on Feb 10, 2012

By the time I looked up the bus was just reaching the top of Broughton Street. Sketch done.

Bus ride to work

Posted on Jun 22, 2011

The blue pen works well in the rain! Have a good day Edinburgh.

Number 14 to town

Posted on May 10, 2011

view from my seat on the number 14 bus up the Bridges.